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Inter-parliamentary activities


Inter-parliamentary cooperation

On the basis of a constructive approach members of the Council of the Republic of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus carry on active inter­national and inter-parliamentary contacts, the main aim of which being enhancement of our RepublicТs international status, establishment of broader economic links, steady and mutually beneficial cooperation and investment activities.

The National Assembly engages in the process of ratification of treaties of the Republic of Belarus with other countries to avoid double taxation in the sphere of economic cooperation, improve customs regulation, protect investments, etc.
Great importance is attached to development and maintenance of contacts with international parliamentary organisations. Ad hoc friendship groups have been established to maintain cooperation with parliaments of 59 countries of the world.
Permanent contacts maintained by MPs promote improvement of the law-making process, perfection of the national legislation, approximation to the best world samples, enrichment of the practice of inter-parliamentary relations, development of common stands as regards international problems.
Development and strengthening of inter-parliamentary relations comes through various meetings and visits by MPs to nearby and faraway foreign countries
During these visits they work out policies and practices of developing mutually beneficial cooperation, coordinate positions of parties on these or those priorities of foreign policy and economic activities.
Official visits and working contacts
Participation in the work of inter-parliamentary and international organizations, working contacts
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