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Competence of the Council of the Republic

In accordance with the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus the Council of the Republic has powers as follows: 

  1. approve or reject bills on amending the Constitution adopted by the House of Representatives, on interpreting the country’s Constitution and others;
  2. give consent to the appointment by the President of the country of officials as follows:
      • Chairperson of the Constitutional Court,
      • Chairperson and judges of the Supreme Court,
      • Chairperson and judges of the Supreme Economic Court,
      • Chairperson of the Central Commission on Elections and National Referendums,
      • Prosecutor General,
      • Chairperson and members of the Board of the National Bank;
  3. elect six judges of the Constitutional Court;
  4. elect six members of the Central Commission of the Republic of Belarus on Elections and National Referendums;
  5. cancel decisions of local Soviets of Deputies that are at variance with the country’s legislation;
  6. decide on dissolution of a local Soviet of Deputies in case it regularly or seriously violates the country’s laws and in other cases envisaged by law;
  7. consider an accusation of the country’s President of committing high treason or other grave crime put forward by the House of Representatives, decide on whether to investigate the case. Should there be relevant grounds, decide on the impeachment of the President by a majority of at least two thirds of its full membership;
  8. consider decrees of the President on declaring the state of emergency, martial law, complete or partial mobilization, and within a maximum of three days after the decrees have been submitted take an appropriate decision. 

The Council of the Republic may take decisions on other issues, in case it is so envisaged by the Constitution.


Territorial representation
Mogilev region
Mogilev region - the most eastern region of Belarus - is bordered by the Russian Federation. The length of the region from north to south - 150 km, and from east to west over 300 km. Floor area of 29.1 thousand sq. m. km.
Brest region
Brest is one of the six regions of the Republic of Belarus. Located in the southwest of the state and covers an area of 32.7 thousand sq. Km. Population - 1,388,000. Man in Brest is home to about 300 thousand people.
Vitebsk region
Vitebsk region - one of the most picturesque corners of Europe. Beauty, unique fauna and flora, according to the riches of protected places hard to find her equal. The centuries-old coniferous forests occupy 60% of the total forested area. The highest forest cover different Rosson, Polotsk, Lepel, Dokšycy, Gorodokski areas.
Grodno region
The regional center - Grodno (population 309 thousand. People). The region consists of 17 districts, 194 rural councils, 12 towns including 6 of regional subordination, 21 urban-type settlement. It is home to 11.7% of the population.
The region was formed September 20, 1944. Covers an area of ​​25.1 thousand. Km., The population of 1 million. 184 thousand. Man.
The distance from west to east - 213 km from north to south - 247 km. The surface area of ​​mostly flat, in the central part of the Neman is nisin. There Marin hill - Grodno, Volkovysk, Slonim, Novogrudok and Oshmyany.
Gomel region
Gomel region is located in the south-east of Belarus and borders on the Bryansk region of Russia, as well as Kiev, Chernigov and Zhitomir regions of Ukraine.
Land area - 40.4 thousand sq. M. kilometers, accounting for one-fifth of the country. The region consists of 21 districts and 4 districts in Gomel, 17 cities, 18 urban villages, and 2608 villages.
Minsk - a city with almost a thousand years of history, the capital and largest city of the Republic of Belarus, the site of the official residence of interstate bodies of the Commonwealth of Independent States. Minsk is divided into nine urban areas. The city has its own charter, emblem and anthem.
Minsk region
Minsk region - Central, the largest region in the territory of the Republic of Belarus, bordered with all areas of the country. Area - 39.9 thousand sq. Km, the largest length from north to south - 315 km, from east to west - 240 km. Footprint (with Minsk) is 19.4% of the area of Belarus.
Appointed by Presidential Decree
Appointed by Presidential Decree

Brest Vitebsk Gomel Grodno Minsk Mogilev

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